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Is Your Criminal Record Holding You Back? We can Help.

We help people across Ontario to apply to remove past criminal records, to ensure they have a better future.

About Pardon for All

Pardon for All is one of the leading dedicated service providers in Ontario that specialize in Record Suspension applications (formally known as a Pardon). Because we understand the impact a criminal record can have on your life, our mission is to help eligible individuals across Ontario, Canada, set aside their criminal records and regain their freedom.
With over 12 years of experience, more than 500 satisfied clients served, and a 90% success rate, lead by Laverne, our Record Suspension Consultant,(Laverne, our Record Suspension lead Consultant) is dedicated to guiding you through the overwhelming process that has been discouraging to applicants like yourself so that you eventually give up. We get that it can be tough and frustrating. Don’t worry, we’re here to help you from start to finish.

Meet Laverne – Your Personal Advocate and Record Suspension Expert

Laverne’s extensive experience as a Record Suspension Consultant is the cornerstone of our services. She is committed to providing personalized and confidential support throughout the entire process. Her expertise ensures that your application is handled efficiently and effectively, maximizing your chances of a successful outcome.

Because You Deserve A Second Chance…

We’ve all heard the expression that everyone deserves a second chance. Pardon for All’s mission is to provide individuals with an opportunity to erase their embarrassing past mistakes in order to look forward to a brighter future. Laverne is the person you need in your corner. She knows the system, and can fight for your rights to get you the outcome you deserve.

Comprehensive Services

We handle every step of the process, from gathering necessary documents to representing you at the National Parole Board of Canada. We provide confidential support and work with service providers, court officials, and the Parole Board on your behalf. All you need to provide is your signed consent form, and a copy of your fingerprints. Our services include:
Serious talking with Consulter

Confidential Consultations

Document Completion and Submission

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National Parole Board Representation

Ready for a fresh start?

Check Your Eligibility and Apply Now for a Confidential Consultation with Laverne

Experience the Life-Changing Benefits of a Record Suspension

Don’t wait any longer! Begin your journey to a brighter future –

Check Your Eligibility and Apply Now for a Confidential Consultation with Laverne!

Take the First Step Towards a Brighter Future

With Laverne’s expertise and Pardon for All’s comprehensive services, you can confidently embark on the path to a fresh start. Don’t let your past hold you back any longer. Experience the freedom that comes with a Record Suspension by filling out our application form or by contacting us for a confidential consultation with Laverne, our experienced Record Suspension Consultant. Start your journey towards a better life today.

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Pardon for All is one of the leading dedicated service providers in Ontario that specialize in handling Record Suspension applications (formally known as a Pardon) for individuals.


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